Friday, 1 February 2013

PP Templecon Keynote Summary

Oh wow, quite a fair bit of stuff not announced!


*First off; New Level 7 expansion, Omega Protocol. Aliens vs. SpecOps.

*Two-way action points as well.

*Includes minis, seems like X-Com the Board Game.

*Standalone game.

*Out Autumn 2013.


*New high-level tournament; Iron Gauntlet. Qualifiers start at this year's Privater Press' Lock & Load event with the finals in 2014. No faction limit on lists.

*Top 16 for Iron Gauntlet Final and will be points based, qualifiers will be region based so finals is likely to have international players. 

*Qualifiers likely to be country based.


*New Iron Kingdoms based card game; High Command.

*High Command is another Autumn 2013 release.

*Will be standalone packs for both Warmachine and Hordes, delay between both packs for release.

*It is a deck building game rather than collectible.

*Can be played 2-4 players.


*Convergence of Cyriss, new faction. Robots based. IK version of Tech Priests.

*Clockwork based units for infantry.

*Faction includes warjacks, including one that repairs other warjacks.

*Cyriss warcasters also have Field Marshal abilities that directly effect their entire battlegroup.

*Warjacks pull their RAT and MAT from their warcaster.

*The Convergence will be out at Lock & Load 2013.

*Convergence will get Battle Engine on release and then a Colossal.

*One of warcasters is NPC from the Witchfire Trilogy.   

*No clockwork cavalry as of yet.

*Will release with own Force book and battlegroup box. 

*Will not have Mercs working for them.


*Rhulfolk will get Battle Engine and Colossal. 

*New Warmachine book this year, details over the next couple of months. 

*New warcasters for Warmachine this year.

*New Hordes faction in the works, 2014 at earliest for release.

*No further Warlocks aside from those already detailed in Gargantuans.

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