Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Mis-Adventures In The Iron Kingdoms 31/10/2102

Been getting involved in a couple of Play-By-Post Iron Kingdoms games.

The first is Whimper's (of the PP boards fame) Flight From The North set in the frozen wastes round Uldenfrost, the continuation of his long running game on Role Play Online. He's converting over to the new IKRPG and so the group is mulling ideas over characters and adventuring companies. I'm hoping to play a Ranger/Rifleman, though waiting to see what adventuring company we go with.

The second game is one I'm running myself on the PP forums, tis called The Dispatch and revolves around the Cygnaran Dispatch Alliance which is the closest the Iron Kingdoms see to a postal service even if it is run by the Cygnaran military. Idea is that the party are stationed at a remote relay station on the Gnarlwood Trail from Point Bourne, responsible for the security of their 'patch' and seeing messages and parcels get through unmolested.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Newes From The Front 29/10/2012

Well I managed to get a couple of games in over the weekend.

The first was a 50 pts one against my regular Cygnar opponent, similar lists to our previous game.

My opponent opted for a Refused Flank tactic and deployed his army in a single corner, I deployed most of my army opposite his with Saxon Orrick running with Croe's Cutthroats. Charged my battlegroup forwards to get into melee quickly, managed to severely damage my opponent's Cyclone early on to limit its effectiveness so that Stannis and both squads of Steelheads could move up relatively unmolested on my left flank. The sellsword ranger and the Cutthroats took the right flank, supported by the sniper Kell Bailoch, managing to wipe out the opposing Long Gunners. Trenchers proved to be much much harder to take out but I managed it in the end, though lost both my heavies in the process. The Steelheads ended up being almost wiped out whilst Stannis hacked his way through my opponent's Stormguard and went for Stryker. In the end it was the Cutthroats that managed to get the killing blow, shooting Stryker in the back with a crossbow getting a  POW 10+5d6 damage roll.

Second game was a quick demo game against a guy who was interested in Warmachine; I set him up with Ashlynn, a Nomad, Mule and a Vanguard whilst I ran the Magnus battlegroup of Mangler, Renegade and a Talon. His Nomad took a pounding early on but his Mule got a crit and pushed back the Talon, smacking into Magnus and doing a POW 15 damage roll. Ashlynn managed to get a charge off on Magnus and gave him a sound trashing but the Traitor remained standing with 1 HP left. On my turn Magnus' first attack misses and triggers Ashlynn's attack back which hits and does more than enough damage to win the game.

All-in-all both good games, plus may have a new Warmachine player.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

(Belated) Workbench 25/10/2012

Didn't get much of a chance to post anything yesterday so heres a belated post today.

This is really just to take stock of my current projects.

*Terrain; Still have plenty of work to do on the house I have been building, been pushed to one side after everything thats happened past week (illness, etc).

*Miniatures; Just got Croe's Cutthroats to put together, multi-part metal models and that I've been picking 'em packed in my army case for games means I haven't done much aside from gluing to bases.

*Painting; The real big one, some models are painted whilst others are simply undercoated. Most of the army is actually unpainted, so goals are to get everything udnercoated and then the battlegroup fully painted.

Plenty to keep me busy aside from the household chores.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012


After struggling to do a full week of content over the past month or so I've decided to change the format.

I'm going to be switching to a Monday/Wednesday/Friday format as of this week.

Mondays and Wednesdays will probably have a different content each week, but Fridays will still be a roundup of the PP Insiders.

Hopefully this new format will work and will save me from burning out on doing the blog.

Thanks for reading.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Mis-Adventures In The Iron Kingdoms 22/10/2012

Did another session on Friday, though round somebody else's house.

Suffering from a bout of the flu and with a marauding dog, a bunch of cats and a devilcat meant dice rolling and combat was limited. So it was more of a Role Play evening, mainly consisting of travelling by caravan up towards Llael.They skirted up past the Bloodstone Marches and the caravan was hit by a sandstorm that it managed to weather it. Eventually they moved into Llael seeing signs of Khadoran occupation and recent battles between them and the Menites.

They finally arrive in Rhydden where they linked up with the Resistance and given some missions to do;

*Take out a Khadoran outpost thats sited close to a route used by the Resistance.

*Attack a Khadoran administration office, steal some paperwork and raze the building to cover their tracks.

*Using (stolen) mercenary licence to move across Khadoran territory to Elsinberg, posing as mercs going to bolster the city watch during the March of the Dead. This will give them a cover identity as they prepare for a raid on the estate of the Llaelese Minister of Internal Security.

Have to admit that I was surprised the party's resident Khadoran, a Morrown Paladin, was quite eager to help out the Resistance.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Immeron Newes 21/10/2012

Apologies for the lack of content towards the end of the week, got pretty much wiped out by the flu.

Better late than never heres a runup of last week's Insiders.

*Lyle Lowery posted a write up of his recent Unbound game of Khaodr vs Cryx.

*Meg Maples posted a FAQ on miniature painting.

~ ~ ~

Thanks for bearing with me and tune back tomorrow for a write up of Friday's IKRPG game.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Armchair Briefing 17/10/2012

Been a while since I've done one of these, but I'm doing something slightly different compared to the others.

I've been looking at the idea of starting a second army and I've considered doing Khador, main reason being I've played them before and its an army I can easily use my mercs with. My idea is to build up a 50 pts Khador force to be combined with my 50 pts Magnus one to form a 100 pts army, though in the mean time I'll be using this segment to post up possible lists as I worked towards my goal.

Natural place to start is the Khador battlebox with Sorcha, I've played with this 'caster before and have a reasonable idea of what she's capable of. So things should be fine....long as I don't freeze my own warjack again. ¬_¬

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Newes From The Front 16/10/2012

Played a demo game of Warmachine on Saturday, typically battlebox game of Cygnar vs Khador.

I opted to play Khador whilst my opponent, a newcomer to Warmachine, went with Cygnar. I went first to take him through step-by-step how to the play the game, within a couple of turns he had a grasp of the game.

Incidents of note were;

*Freezing my own warjack; Tried casting Freezing Grip on a Lancer engaged with my Destroyer so I could move it without Free Strikes to fire its Bombard, needless to say it didn't go quite as plan.

*Charged Stryker with Sorcha and missed with TWO boosted attack rolls!

My opponent had managed to take out my Juggernaut and then dogpiled Sorcha to win the game, he certainly enjoyed it and will be looking to get a Cygnar battlebox.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Mis-Adventures In The Iron Kingdoms 15/10/2012

Finally got a new session of IKRPG done last Friday with my regular group.

There was the usual hijinks but managed to get a few things done;

*The group's Paladin had a message from the Morrowan officials in Caspia basically saying that they can't act against Lady Ellsworth unless proof of evil misdeeds are found.

*An assassination attempt on Lady Ellsworth by a group that had been causing group was brutally dealt with by the group in short order, IKRPG combat may be lethal but it is especially so for NPCs.

*The group has linked up with a caravan bound for Occupied Llael and meet a couple of Resistance members that they'll be working with.

*One of the PC's child is proving to be a thieving little blighter and will be joining the group as a Thief/Spy, though he has also made a deal with the Rusalka.

Next game should hopefully be this Friday coming.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Immeron Newes 12/10/2012

Since the last Immeron Newes entry we've had a bunch of Insiders.

*Lyle Lowery talks about building a Khador army for a 150 pts Unbound game.

*Tony Konichek talks about inspiration gained from a holiday in London and Paris.

*William French goes on about his character and his group playing as a Menite themed Arcane Order in the IKRPG game he's in.

Thursday, 11 October 2012


Getting a post up is proving unexpectedly harder than I thought at present.

Hopefully will have the usual Friday Immeron Newes post up tomorrow.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Mis-Adventures in the Iron Kingdoms 9/10/2012

As well as GMing an IK game, I'm also taking part in one on the PP forums.

Its a RP set in Five Fingers revolving around a few gangs, the one my character is part of is an outlaw one.

Start off with Ranger and Thief, looking at possibly picking up Pistoleer and perhaps even Cutthroat but we'll see.


Kaya Waddock

Archetype: Skilled
Race: Human (Morridane)
Careers: Ranger, Thief
Height: 4'6”
Weight: 90 lbs

Spd 6
Str 4
Prw 5
Poi 4
Arc -
Per 4
(Human: +1 AGL. +1 Prw, +1 Int, +1 Per)

DEF 13 (6+4+4+0-1)
ARM 11 (5 +6 from Armour)

Military Skills:
* Hand Weapon 2
* Pistol 1

* Assassin’s Blade - MAT 6, P+S 8 (10 with back strike)
* Pistol - RAT 5, RNG 8/40, POW 10.

Occupational Skills:
* Detection 5
* Sneak 6
*Survival 5
* Tracking 5
* Bribery 1
* Deception 1
* Escape Artist 5
*Lock Picking 6
* Pick Pocket 6
*Streetwise 5

* Skilled:Preternatural Awareness, boosted Initiative rolls and enemies cannot gain back strike bonus against this character.
* Camouflage
* Pathfinder
* Conniver
* Dodger

* Cygnaran
* Ordic

* Leather Armour (-1 DEF, +5 ARM) - 30 gc
* Assassin’s Blade - 10 gc
*Pistol - 20 gc
*25 light shots - 10 gc
* Bandolier, Ammo – 5 gc
*Thief's Tools – Free from Career
*Gunsmith's Kit – 20 gc
*Goggles – 5 gc
*Lantern – 10 gc
*Pocket watch – 25 gc
*Rope & grappling hook: twenty feet – 5 gc
*10 gc

Background: Kaya is the seventh child from a family of twelve children and her family is part of one of the notorious smuggling clans along the Dragon's Tongue. Her short stature and slight build is characteristic of the Morridanes who inhabit the Thornwood area. Like most in her family she has green eyes and, when not covered in grime, pale skin and red hair that is also a trait of her family.

Kaya is a true child of the Fingers, having been born and raised on Captain's Island. From a young age she explored the nooks and crannies beneath the streets, mainly to seek refuge from her elder siblings and over time she also begun to hunt for treasures. It didn't take long for her to stumble across strange artefacts with leering faces, she weren't certain what they actually were but she soon found that she could earn a pretty penny from selling them. She later discovered that the artefacts were Orgoth in origins and shortly afterwards she sought a fence to act as a middle man for her so that she could avoid unsavoury types that wanted such items.

Her exploration of the old tunnels beneath the islands and her knowledge of them built up over time proved to be a boon to her family, thanks to Kaya they were able able to store or move goods through places that very few other people could reach or even knew about. From time-to-time Kaya was required to smuggle a few items herself across the islands, making good use of her skills as a 'tunnel rat' in doing so. Though she learnt the hard way which passages and chambers were safe and at what times, a few close calls taught her to stay cautious and have weapons ready at all times.

Since she has effectively spent a large part of her life underground Kaya has a disliking for being above ground, especially the Rigs and loathes big open spaces like the fields beyond the city. When not at home in her natural environment she is a little twitchy with a short temper, when combined with the grime she's usually caked in this makes her a rather unfriendly person.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Newes From The Front 8/10/2012

Was hoping to post about the one-shot IKRPG game that I was running Friday, however nobody turned up and I wasn't able to run the game (not to mention wasted my time and bus fare). Though I spoke to the other GM who had planned to run another game that same evening that there had been a poor turnout out all week long and that only one game barely had enough to actually run.

On a lighter note I did manage to get in a 50 pts game of Warmachine over the weekend.

It was against my regular Cygnar opponent and was out first game against each other in quite a while as well as being out first 50 pts one. He went with his usual Stryker list that he played before with the addition of some Stormguard, maxed out Long Gunner and Trencher units backed up by a couple of Lancers, a Defender and a Cyclone. Likewise I played my normal 35 pts Magnus the Traitor list with the addition of Stannis Brocker, Kell Bailoch, Orin Midwinter and Croe's Cutthroats.

My opponent deployed the bulk of his force in one corner as I spread mine out a bit, Magnus' battlegroup in the center with the Cutthroats backed up by Midwinter on one flank and the Steelheads backed up by my other solos on the other flank.Getting first turn I opted to do the '20 inch' dash across the table by running my warjacks and then popping Magnus' feat Hit and Run to run my warjacks again so that they were across the table in one turn. Whilst the rest of my army tried to outflank, my opponent focused on taking out my two Renegade light warjacks but not before they decimated my opponent's Long Gunners. The Trenchers proved to be a tough target as the Cutthroats quickly found out, Dug In with Arcane Shield and Stryker's feat the Trenchers were quite capable of being made nigh impossible to kill. But lucky dice rolling with Midwinter's Chain Lighting spell cleared out most of 'em before the Cutthroats charged in with poison coated weapons.

In the center the Long Gunners ended up being wiped out, so were my two Renegades whilst my Mangler got wrecked as well. The Nomad fared better, typing up a Lancer and the Stormguard for a fair number of turns. On the other flank Stannis proved to be a tough customer as the Steelheads dealt with the Cyclone and the second Lancer.The final turn saw Magnus casting Obliteration to do a ton of damage on Stryker, but the Cygnaran 'caster barely survived. I then decided to move Magnus up and fire of an unboosted shot from his scattergun, needed a double 6 to hit or otherwise it was game over for me.

Amazingly the dice were with me and I managed to do enough damage to finish Stryker off and win the game.

It was a long, hard fought game that I really enjoyed. Though my opponent made the mistake of spreading his firepower out when he should've just focused his attacks on punching through my warjack screen to get to Magnus, but the dice were against him as he kept rolling double 1s and took about 3-4 turns to kill Stannis who is a 10hp Solo.

Our next game I should hopefully be trying out a new warcaster, chiefly Drake MacBain.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Immeron Newes 5/10/2012

Well another couple of Insiders this past week.

*First off Darla Kennerud talks about commonly confused words, though to bit of a mixed reaction on the boards.

*David Carl talks about the community behind Warmachine & Hordes.


Thats me signing off for the week, enjoy your weekend and tune back in on Monday for the hijinks of a one-shot IK game I'm running tonight.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Town Crier 4/10/2012

Just a Public Service Announcement that the blog is going to see some changes to the scheduling,

The new schedule is likely to be something like this;

Monday: Mis-Adventures in the Iron Kingdoms
Tuesday: Newes From The Front
Wednesday: Armchair Briefing
Thursday: Workbench
Friday: Immeron Newes

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Mis-Adevntures In The Iron Kingdoms 3/10/2012

With the party bound for Occupied Llael I've been watching what documentaries I can and reading up on the various Resistance movements of WW2.

Are the Llaelese Arc I'm thinking of having the group do various tasks for the Resistance, perhaps a few raids before they go after the Minister of Internal Security and the Black Pearl he has in his collection.

Idea I have for a first mission is the party being sent to find out what happened to a missing scout.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Newes From The Front 2/10/2012

Sadly my opponent had to cancel our game last night due to a family emergency, though luckily everything seems to be fine there. *touch wood*

No battle report but I did manage to pick up No Quarter No.44 and have a glance through.

*An adventure for the new IKRPG and new monsters were the stuff I went straight to, both look good and I shall have a proper read through later.

*Modelling conversion guide to create models for the IKRPG was also a nice touch, may try some of them myself.

*A rather fluffy Guts & Gear with general tactics (which seems to be the format now) on the Cryx Kraken, though I do have to wonder whether they'll start doing RPG stats again.

*Two new Forces of Distinction for Retribution and Circle respectfully.

*And the Hordes Gargantuan battle report.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Workbench 1/10/2012

Been a busy week in general which included a 40K Combat Patrol tournie over the weekend, but managed to get some work done with my ongoing project.

*Croe's Cutthroats are finally getting put together as I move up to a 50pt army, they'll get their baptism of fire this evening.

*That cardboard building I'd started on has seen little progress, mainly due to having to wait for the glue to dry. Intending to at least get all four walls sorted and the roof if I can this week.