Monday, 29 October 2012

Newes From The Front 29/10/2012

Well I managed to get a couple of games in over the weekend.

The first was a 50 pts one against my regular Cygnar opponent, similar lists to our previous game.

My opponent opted for a Refused Flank tactic and deployed his army in a single corner, I deployed most of my army opposite his with Saxon Orrick running with Croe's Cutthroats. Charged my battlegroup forwards to get into melee quickly, managed to severely damage my opponent's Cyclone early on to limit its effectiveness so that Stannis and both squads of Steelheads could move up relatively unmolested on my left flank. The sellsword ranger and the Cutthroats took the right flank, supported by the sniper Kell Bailoch, managing to wipe out the opposing Long Gunners. Trenchers proved to be much much harder to take out but I managed it in the end, though lost both my heavies in the process. The Steelheads ended up being almost wiped out whilst Stannis hacked his way through my opponent's Stormguard and went for Stryker. In the end it was the Cutthroats that managed to get the killing blow, shooting Stryker in the back with a crossbow getting a  POW 10+5d6 damage roll.

Second game was a quick demo game against a guy who was interested in Warmachine; I set him up with Ashlynn, a Nomad, Mule and a Vanguard whilst I ran the Magnus battlegroup of Mangler, Renegade and a Talon. His Nomad took a pounding early on but his Mule got a crit and pushed back the Talon, smacking into Magnus and doing a POW 15 damage roll. Ashlynn managed to get a charge off on Magnus and gave him a sound trashing but the Traitor remained standing with 1 HP left. On my turn Magnus' first attack misses and triggers Ashlynn's attack back which hits and does more than enough damage to win the game.

All-in-all both good games, plus may have a new Warmachine player.

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