Monday, 22 October 2012

Mis-Adventures In The Iron Kingdoms 22/10/2012

Did another session on Friday, though round somebody else's house.

Suffering from a bout of the flu and with a marauding dog, a bunch of cats and a devilcat meant dice rolling and combat was limited. So it was more of a Role Play evening, mainly consisting of travelling by caravan up towards Llael.They skirted up past the Bloodstone Marches and the caravan was hit by a sandstorm that it managed to weather it. Eventually they moved into Llael seeing signs of Khadoran occupation and recent battles between them and the Menites.

They finally arrive in Rhydden where they linked up with the Resistance and given some missions to do;

*Take out a Khadoran outpost thats sited close to a route used by the Resistance.

*Attack a Khadoran administration office, steal some paperwork and raze the building to cover their tracks.

*Using (stolen) mercenary licence to move across Khadoran territory to Elsinberg, posing as mercs going to bolster the city watch during the March of the Dead. This will give them a cover identity as they prepare for a raid on the estate of the Llaelese Minister of Internal Security.

Have to admit that I was surprised the party's resident Khadoran, a Morrown Paladin, was quite eager to help out the Resistance.

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