Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Mis-Adventures in the Iron Kingdoms 9/10/2012

As well as GMing an IK game, I'm also taking part in one on the PP forums.

Its a RP set in Five Fingers revolving around a few gangs, the one my character is part of is an outlaw one.

Start off with Ranger and Thief, looking at possibly picking up Pistoleer and perhaps even Cutthroat but we'll see.


Kaya Waddock

Archetype: Skilled
Race: Human (Morridane)
Careers: Ranger, Thief
Height: 4'6”
Weight: 90 lbs

Spd 6
Str 4
Prw 5
Poi 4
Arc -
Per 4
(Human: +1 AGL. +1 Prw, +1 Int, +1 Per)

DEF 13 (6+4+4+0-1)
ARM 11 (5 +6 from Armour)

Military Skills:
* Hand Weapon 2
* Pistol 1

* Assassin’s Blade - MAT 6, P+S 8 (10 with back strike)
* Pistol - RAT 5, RNG 8/40, POW 10.

Occupational Skills:
* Detection 5
* Sneak 6
*Survival 5
* Tracking 5
* Bribery 1
* Deception 1
* Escape Artist 5
*Lock Picking 6
* Pick Pocket 6
*Streetwise 5

* Skilled:Preternatural Awareness, boosted Initiative rolls and enemies cannot gain back strike bonus against this character.
* Camouflage
* Pathfinder
* Conniver
* Dodger

* Cygnaran
* Ordic

* Leather Armour (-1 DEF, +5 ARM) - 30 gc
* Assassin’s Blade - 10 gc
*Pistol - 20 gc
*25 light shots - 10 gc
* Bandolier, Ammo – 5 gc
*Thief's Tools – Free from Career
*Gunsmith's Kit – 20 gc
*Goggles – 5 gc
*Lantern – 10 gc
*Pocket watch – 25 gc
*Rope & grappling hook: twenty feet – 5 gc
*10 gc

Background: Kaya is the seventh child from a family of twelve children and her family is part of one of the notorious smuggling clans along the Dragon's Tongue. Her short stature and slight build is characteristic of the Morridanes who inhabit the Thornwood area. Like most in her family she has green eyes and, when not covered in grime, pale skin and red hair that is also a trait of her family.

Kaya is a true child of the Fingers, having been born and raised on Captain's Island. From a young age she explored the nooks and crannies beneath the streets, mainly to seek refuge from her elder siblings and over time she also begun to hunt for treasures. It didn't take long for her to stumble across strange artefacts with leering faces, she weren't certain what they actually were but she soon found that she could earn a pretty penny from selling them. She later discovered that the artefacts were Orgoth in origins and shortly afterwards she sought a fence to act as a middle man for her so that she could avoid unsavoury types that wanted such items.

Her exploration of the old tunnels beneath the islands and her knowledge of them built up over time proved to be a boon to her family, thanks to Kaya they were able able to store or move goods through places that very few other people could reach or even knew about. From time-to-time Kaya was required to smuggle a few items herself across the islands, making good use of her skills as a 'tunnel rat' in doing so. Though she learnt the hard way which passages and chambers were safe and at what times, a few close calls taught her to stay cautious and have weapons ready at all times.

Since she has effectively spent a large part of her life underground Kaya has a disliking for being above ground, especially the Rigs and loathes big open spaces like the fields beyond the city. When not at home in her natural environment she is a little twitchy with a short temper, when combined with the grime she's usually caked in this makes her a rather unfriendly person.

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