Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Newes From The Front 2/10/2012

Sadly my opponent had to cancel our game last night due to a family emergency, though luckily everything seems to be fine there. *touch wood*

No battle report but I did manage to pick up No Quarter No.44 and have a glance through.

*An adventure for the new IKRPG and new monsters were the stuff I went straight to, both look good and I shall have a proper read through later.

*Modelling conversion guide to create models for the IKRPG was also a nice touch, may try some of them myself.

*A rather fluffy Guts & Gear with general tactics (which seems to be the format now) on the Cryx Kraken, though I do have to wonder whether they'll start doing RPG stats again.

*Two new Forces of Distinction for Retribution and Circle respectfully.

*And the Hordes Gargantuan battle report.

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