Monday, 8 October 2012

Newes From The Front 8/10/2012

Was hoping to post about the one-shot IKRPG game that I was running Friday, however nobody turned up and I wasn't able to run the game (not to mention wasted my time and bus fare). Though I spoke to the other GM who had planned to run another game that same evening that there had been a poor turnout out all week long and that only one game barely had enough to actually run.

On a lighter note I did manage to get in a 50 pts game of Warmachine over the weekend.

It was against my regular Cygnar opponent and was out first game against each other in quite a while as well as being out first 50 pts one. He went with his usual Stryker list that he played before with the addition of some Stormguard, maxed out Long Gunner and Trencher units backed up by a couple of Lancers, a Defender and a Cyclone. Likewise I played my normal 35 pts Magnus the Traitor list with the addition of Stannis Brocker, Kell Bailoch, Orin Midwinter and Croe's Cutthroats.

My opponent deployed the bulk of his force in one corner as I spread mine out a bit, Magnus' battlegroup in the center with the Cutthroats backed up by Midwinter on one flank and the Steelheads backed up by my other solos on the other flank.Getting first turn I opted to do the '20 inch' dash across the table by running my warjacks and then popping Magnus' feat Hit and Run to run my warjacks again so that they were across the table in one turn. Whilst the rest of my army tried to outflank, my opponent focused on taking out my two Renegade light warjacks but not before they decimated my opponent's Long Gunners. The Trenchers proved to be a tough target as the Cutthroats quickly found out, Dug In with Arcane Shield and Stryker's feat the Trenchers were quite capable of being made nigh impossible to kill. But lucky dice rolling with Midwinter's Chain Lighting spell cleared out most of 'em before the Cutthroats charged in with poison coated weapons.

In the center the Long Gunners ended up being wiped out, so were my two Renegades whilst my Mangler got wrecked as well. The Nomad fared better, typing up a Lancer and the Stormguard for a fair number of turns. On the other flank Stannis proved to be a tough customer as the Steelheads dealt with the Cyclone and the second Lancer.The final turn saw Magnus casting Obliteration to do a ton of damage on Stryker, but the Cygnaran 'caster barely survived. I then decided to move Magnus up and fire of an unboosted shot from his scattergun, needed a double 6 to hit or otherwise it was game over for me.

Amazingly the dice were with me and I managed to do enough damage to finish Stryker off and win the game.

It was a long, hard fought game that I really enjoyed. Though my opponent made the mistake of spreading his firepower out when he should've just focused his attacks on punching through my warjack screen to get to Magnus, but the dice were against him as he kept rolling double 1s and took about 3-4 turns to kill Stannis who is a 10hp Solo.

Our next game I should hopefully be trying out a new warcaster, chiefly Drake MacBain.

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