Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Mis-Adventures In The Iron Kingdoms 31/10/2102

Been getting involved in a couple of Play-By-Post Iron Kingdoms games.

The first is Whimper's (of the PP boards fame) Flight From The North set in the frozen wastes round Uldenfrost, the continuation of his long running game on Role Play Online. He's converting over to the new IKRPG and so the group is mulling ideas over characters and adventuring companies. I'm hoping to play a Ranger/Rifleman, though waiting to see what adventuring company we go with.

The second game is one I'm running myself on the PP forums, tis called The Dispatch and revolves around the Cygnaran Dispatch Alliance which is the closest the Iron Kingdoms see to a postal service even if it is run by the Cygnaran military. Idea is that the party are stationed at a remote relay station on the Gnarlwood Trail from Point Bourne, responsible for the security of their 'patch' and seeing messages and parcels get through unmolested.

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