Thursday, 31 January 2013

Workbench 31/1/2013

Been a bit busy working on some of my miniatures, recently got the Khador battlegroup which I'll do a post about next week.

So now some pics of my latest efforts.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Mis-Adventures In The Iron Kingdoms 30/1/2013

Part Two, covering last Friday's session.


After their jaunt in Riversmet the party moved towards Elsinberg, using their stolen Merc permits to get past Khadoran checkpoints. Compared to the other parts of Llael they've travelled through this area was clearly under firm Khadoran control, similarly they found that Elsinberg had fared much better than Riversmet during the Invasion.

Now they arrived during the March of the Dead: basically the manifestation of an army from the Rebellion period that mysteriously disappeared when it set out to reinforce Ravensgard against the Orgoth in 183 AR. There has been a festival that has sprung up around the March ever since it started some years ago, something that the party used as a cover to get into the city.

The final Pearl that they're after is on the estate of the Llaelese Minister of Internal Security, so it'll be bit of a tricky task to get to. Fortunately the Minister is hosting a masked ball as part of the Marsh festival and Ratchet's cover identity as the grandson of a Khadoran general has helped the party gained invites to the ball.

We finished the session as the party was getting ready for the ball and working out their plan of action.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Newes From The Front 29/1/2013

First battle report for a long while, my you are a lucky lot.

It was a 35 pts battle, straight up 'Caster Kill game between two Merc armies; my typical Magnus force and a Searforge one under Gorten Grundback.

IIRC my opponent's army consisted of;

-2x Grundback Gunner
-Ghordson Driller
Ogrun Bokur
Thor Steinhammer
Herne & Jonne
Orgun Assault Corps
Horgenhold Forge Guard
Hammerfall High Shield Gun Corps
-Officer & Standard UA

We rolled off and I ended up going first, deploying wreck markers that I get from playing a Tier 4 Magnus list on my left flank with both units of Steelheads covering my right. Magnus' battlegroup deployed center with Kell Bailoch just to the left of them. My opponent setup the Gun Corps with Herne & Jonne opposite the Steelheads, the Ogruns and Forge Guard center and Gorten's battlegroup on his right/my left. Steelheads moved across the board about 18 inches thanks to the Advance Move they got from Magnus' Tier list and a run on their normal activation, Kell Bailoch moved an inch to take up cover behind a wall. I ran my battlegroup forwards, but stupidly forgot to pop Magnus' feat.

The Steelhead Halbarbiers got slaughtered by the Gun Corps and were forced to flee, but their Riflemen brethren seemed to be immune to Dwarven rifle fire. Aside from a couple of ineffective pop shots against my Mangler that was basically it for the Dwarfs. My next turn saw most of Gorten's battlegroup Knockdowned by the Renegades and the Bukor sporting a couple of bullet holes from Bailoch, meanwhile the Gun Corps were steadily whittled down by my Riflemen. The Mangler got stuck in with the Ogruns, despite taking a pounding in return it survived the rest of the game. The return Dwarven rifle fire proved to be ineffective yet again.

Turn three saw the Renegades charge the Driller as I tried to position myself for an assassination run on Gorten, however my plans were ruined when Gorten's feat was popped and my battlegroup was relocated as an assassination run on Magnus was setup....and failed.

Seeing my chance I whacked Gorten with the Mangler's wrecking ball and then a boosted shotgun blast from Magnus finished off the Dwarf and brought me victory.

All-in-all a good and hard fought battle, though I'm kicking myself for not popping Magnus' feat on the first turn.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Mis-Adventures In The Iron Kingdoms 28/1/2013

Looking like a full week of posting, the first for quite some time.

Though today is part one of Mis-Adventures In The Iron Kingdoms, covering the last game before Christmas.


Having survived the night in the old coaching inn, the party moved on towards Riversmet, coming across an increasing Khaodran presence as they neared the city. They found that the city was being rebuilt after it was destroyed during the Invasion and they also quickly located their target: The Khadoran administration office.

One of the party, a Spy/Thief by the name of Ratchet, sneaked into the building disguised as an office boy and managed to recce the building's layout. Meeting back up with the others, Ratchet drew up a plan of action and they took stock of the grenades and other explosives in their possession. Later that night they headed back to the administration office and sneaked in through the back door, managing to avoid the guards and head upstairs. Further sneaking was involved as the bulk of the party moved about the second floor, dodging patrolling guards as they raided the place for certain bits of paperwork and then planted their fire bombs. Gret, a Gobber Commando, went up to the third floor and stole some more paperwork and planted other bombs.

On their way out they opened up the values on the gas lamps and headed out, though they almost got caught when the Ogrun Kogal Ironhead knocked over a vase. Luckily they managed to get back outside and disappeared into the murky depths of alleyways and ruined buildings before the administration office was blown sky high. With a burning pyre in the center of Rivermets the party quickly and quietly left the city bound for Elsinberg.


Part Two will be last Friday's session.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Immeron Newes 26/1/2013

Bit later than intended, though I'll be making up for it as I'll be revealing later.

We've had quite a few Insiders since last time and here they are;

*Brian Dugas shows us a conversion of Molik Karn.

*Simon Berman talks about the new IK Gazetteer series, the first of which appears in No Quarter 46 and details the Cygnaran mining town of Wexmare.

*Lyle Lowery mentions a Privateer Press presentation at Templecon which will be stream through their website next weekend.

*William French talks about the inspiration behind the paint scheme of his latest Circle army.


I said at the beginning of the post that I'll be making up for the lateness of this post.

Next week should have two entries for Mis-Adventures in the Iron Kingdoms and then next weekend I'll cover PP's live stream from Templecon.

See you all on Monday.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Immeron Newes 18/1/2013

This week's post from the North Pole...a somewhat frozen Britain.

Three insiders this past week.

*Sean Bullough on the modelling tooks and various other things that clutter his desk.

*David Carl looks both back and forward at all things PP.

*Will Shick shows off a 'knights of Cygnar' themed Cygnar army and a couple of army lists to boot.


In others Privateer will be streaming a 2013 keynote presentation live on the 1st February at Templecon, this presentation stream can be watched on PP's website.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Utherwald Funding

Got 7 weeks left on this wee funding project to reach the target of £500.

Immeron Newes 11/1/2013

Well a few Insiders and some news this past week.

*Dianne Ferrer showcases a Blindwater Congregation army.

*Ron Kruzie shows off a Bloodstone Marches themed Gatorman army.

*Will Hungerford talks a bit about organized play in 2013.

*Privateer are teaming up with Skull Island eXpeditions to produce monthly fiction releases set in the Iron Kingdoms.

Friday, 4 January 2013

The Workbench 4/1/2013

Two posts in one day?!

You lucky people.

Finally got round to repainting the Nomad.

Immeron Newes 4/1/2013

Well its a New Year and a new post!

Only a single Insider this time, from Meg Maples on a Circle army she recently painted up.