Monday, 28 January 2013

Mis-Adventures In The Iron Kingdoms 28/1/2013

Looking like a full week of posting, the first for quite some time.

Though today is part one of Mis-Adventures In The Iron Kingdoms, covering the last game before Christmas.


Having survived the night in the old coaching inn, the party moved on towards Riversmet, coming across an increasing Khaodran presence as they neared the city. They found that the city was being rebuilt after it was destroyed during the Invasion and they also quickly located their target: The Khadoran administration office.

One of the party, a Spy/Thief by the name of Ratchet, sneaked into the building disguised as an office boy and managed to recce the building's layout. Meeting back up with the others, Ratchet drew up a plan of action and they took stock of the grenades and other explosives in their possession. Later that night they headed back to the administration office and sneaked in through the back door, managing to avoid the guards and head upstairs. Further sneaking was involved as the bulk of the party moved about the second floor, dodging patrolling guards as they raided the place for certain bits of paperwork and then planted their fire bombs. Gret, a Gobber Commando, went up to the third floor and stole some more paperwork and planted other bombs.

On their way out they opened up the values on the gas lamps and headed out, though they almost got caught when the Ogrun Kogal Ironhead knocked over a vase. Luckily they managed to get back outside and disappeared into the murky depths of alleyways and ruined buildings before the administration office was blown sky high. With a burning pyre in the center of Rivermets the party quickly and quietly left the city bound for Elsinberg.


Part Two will be last Friday's session.

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