Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Mis-Adventures In The Iron Kingdoms 30/1/2013

Part Two, covering last Friday's session.


After their jaunt in Riversmet the party moved towards Elsinberg, using their stolen Merc permits to get past Khadoran checkpoints. Compared to the other parts of Llael they've travelled through this area was clearly under firm Khadoran control, similarly they found that Elsinberg had fared much better than Riversmet during the Invasion.

Now they arrived during the March of the Dead: basically the manifestation of an army from the Rebellion period that mysteriously disappeared when it set out to reinforce Ravensgard against the Orgoth in 183 AR. There has been a festival that has sprung up around the March ever since it started some years ago, something that the party used as a cover to get into the city.

The final Pearl that they're after is on the estate of the Llaelese Minister of Internal Security, so it'll be bit of a tricky task to get to. Fortunately the Minister is hosting a masked ball as part of the Marsh festival and Ratchet's cover identity as the grandson of a Khadoran general has helped the party gained invites to the ball.

We finished the session as the party was getting ready for the ball and working out their plan of action.

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