Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Newes From The Front 29/1/2013

First battle report for a long while, my you are a lucky lot.

It was a 35 pts battle, straight up 'Caster Kill game between two Merc armies; my typical Magnus force and a Searforge one under Gorten Grundback.

IIRC my opponent's army consisted of;

-2x Grundback Gunner
-Ghordson Driller
Ogrun Bokur
Thor Steinhammer
Herne & Jonne
Orgun Assault Corps
Horgenhold Forge Guard
Hammerfall High Shield Gun Corps
-Officer & Standard UA

We rolled off and I ended up going first, deploying wreck markers that I get from playing a Tier 4 Magnus list on my left flank with both units of Steelheads covering my right. Magnus' battlegroup deployed center with Kell Bailoch just to the left of them. My opponent setup the Gun Corps with Herne & Jonne opposite the Steelheads, the Ogruns and Forge Guard center and Gorten's battlegroup on his right/my left. Steelheads moved across the board about 18 inches thanks to the Advance Move they got from Magnus' Tier list and a run on their normal activation, Kell Bailoch moved an inch to take up cover behind a wall. I ran my battlegroup forwards, but stupidly forgot to pop Magnus' feat.

The Steelhead Halbarbiers got slaughtered by the Gun Corps and were forced to flee, but their Riflemen brethren seemed to be immune to Dwarven rifle fire. Aside from a couple of ineffective pop shots against my Mangler that was basically it for the Dwarfs. My next turn saw most of Gorten's battlegroup Knockdowned by the Renegades and the Bukor sporting a couple of bullet holes from Bailoch, meanwhile the Gun Corps were steadily whittled down by my Riflemen. The Mangler got stuck in with the Ogruns, despite taking a pounding in return it survived the rest of the game. The return Dwarven rifle fire proved to be ineffective yet again.

Turn three saw the Renegades charge the Driller as I tried to position myself for an assassination run on Gorten, however my plans were ruined when Gorten's feat was popped and my battlegroup was relocated as an assassination run on Magnus was setup....and failed.

Seeing my chance I whacked Gorten with the Mangler's wrecking ball and then a boosted shotgun blast from Magnus finished off the Dwarf and brought me victory.

All-in-all a good and hard fought battle, though I'm kicking myself for not popping Magnus' feat on the first turn.

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