Monday, 27 May 2013

Immeron Newes 27/5/2013

Heres your Bank Holiday (its a British thing) roundup of last week's Insiders.

*First up Will Shick talked about the Iron Painter event at this year's Lock & Load Gamefest.

*Up next was Will Hungerford talking about various forms of organised play such as the first Iron Gauntlet qualifiers, Machinations and even PP's new card game High Command.

*Thirdly there was more Convergence previews from David Carl, this time round a Colossal.

*Finally there was a guest in the form of Dark Convergence author Dave Gross.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Immeron Newes 20/5/2013

Couple of Insiders this past week.

*Ben Misenar talks a bit about the design of the forthcoming Convergence of Cryiss models and shows off some 3D models.

*Will Shick shows off a certain Convergence character whom IKRPG players last saw in the Witchfire Trilogy.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Immeron Newes 13/5/2013

OK, time for a weekly round up of Insiders from PP this past week.

*Tony Konichek talks a bout about plans for live broadcasts from this year's Lock & Load Gamefest.

*Aeryn Rudel discusses how No Quarter has changed over the years and puts a call out for a new editor-in-chief to oversee the magazine.

*And finally David Carl gives us another Convergence preview in the form of a warcaster.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

One Of M Other Ventures 11/5/2013

Well tis some shameless self-promoting time!

I've been working on setting up my own RPG publishing company and I've slowly been producing stuff for it, the latest offering is a newsletter/mini-ezine that you can get for 25 cents!

Within you'll find the latest news on my company, Utherwald Press, along with an article and a short story. Feel free to give it a look, and buy, then give me feedback as to where I can improve things.

Just follow the link below;

Friday, 10 May 2013

Full Metal Friday! 10/5/2013

This week's supplement of FMF is donning a pith helmet and preparing to head off into the wilderness of Immeron in search of dark secrets and ancient ruins to pillage.

There is also a little bit on research and investigation.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Mis-Adventures In The Iron Kingdoms, Part III 9/5/2013

With my current IK campaign coming to an end I am starting to look at the future.

For my next campaign I am planning to do one based upon the video game Dishonored, a game that in some respects is similar to the Iron Kingdoms. I have already posted some notes on the PP forums which can be found here;

A basic run-down of the campaign is that Dunwall exists in Western Immeron as an Ordic whaling town, it is ruled over by the Kaldwin family who are Castellans (a duke in other kingdoms). The players would be a group hired by a local noble to investigate and hopefully find a cure for the Plague that has overrun the city.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Mis-Adventures In The Iron Kingdoms, Part II 8/5/2013

OK, the rest of the campaign or how its likely to pan out.

By now the party has some idea of what's going on and has received a number of offers regarding the Black Pearl.

They have seemingly chosen the Cult of Cyriss' offer as the 'safest' bet, they were given a tour of the Cult's temple in Corvis and seen the contraptions that the Cult were building in order to use the Pearls with. Their guide explained that the Cult had wards and devices that could contain the energies of the least in theory.

Now the party has also found out the truth behind Lady Ellsworth and some of her plans, namely using the Pearl's energy to allow to return to her own plane. Whoever is occupying Lady Ellsworth's body hails from another world and dimension (chiefly D&D's Forgotten Realms setting). Their plan for returning home involves basically opening a doorway, something that they plan to do using that Orgoth temple in the Thornwood Forest that played a big role in the Warmachine mega-plot.

At this point the player surprised me and suggested accepting the Cult's offer and then working with the Cult in order to help the entity occupying Lady Ellsworth to return home. So that looks like their course of action.

This would at least deal with one of the remaining Pearls, but they still have the other one that they gave to the Druids to worry about. I'm not certain whether they'll do something about that or not, but regardless we're in the campaign's final segment which'll see this 3-4 year old campaign finally draw to a close.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Mis-Adventures In The Iron Kingdoms 7/5/2013

Yeeeaaaahhhh, its been a while since I last done this.

So what has happened since the last update?

The party went to the ball with their plan for taking out the Minister of Internal Security which involved one of their own acting as a sniper, though this role the said character failed to complete...though the party soon found out why. Regardless as they puzzled on why no sniper shot had rung out and gave the Minister a third eye, they noticed that the officials present at the ball were beginning to leave after receiving some news from their aides. It wasn't long before the rest of the nobles also departed in a state of barely contained panic.

The Cryx were attacking the city.

With this bit of information in mind the party hastily made for their safehouse and then for a way out of the city, managing to avoid the Cryx raiders. En-route they ran into the Minister and took him for a little ride, later dumping his body some distance from the city in a quiet spot. Taking a roundabout route back across Llael they made for the resistance HQ, where they received word of Cryx attacks further afield and some disappearances from local villages. The party were offered a job to investigate the disappearances, but they decided to leave it until a later date.

After hearing of a Cryx attack near Corvis they party were keen on getting back soon as possible, fearing there was some connection with the Black Pearls. Though the Pearl they got from the Minister's estate they handed over to the Druids, though would later come to regret that decision. They also ran into the Isoans who warned them about the Pearls and the danger of them falling into the wrong hands (aka the Druids amongst other people). The Isoans stated that the Pearls were ancient artefacts of their people and they wished to destroy them, but the party were still a little wary.

They made it back to Corvis about further incident where they discovered that Lady Ellsworth had gone to Caspia with the other Black Pearl in response to the recent Cryx attacks and an attack on her estate. This point the party received offers from the local wizards order and from the Cult of Cyriss regarding the Black Pearls. It was also discovered that Lady Ellsworth wasn't who she claimed to be, at least in mind, but she had made travel arrangements for the party to join her in Caspia.

~ ~ ~

That pretty much brings us back up to speed, tomorrow I'll post how the rest of the campaign is likely to pan out. On Thursday I'll post a bit about my plans for a future Iron Kingdoms campaign.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Immeron Newes Special Second Bumper Edition! 6/5/2013

Yeah, I ended up slipping again.

So heres a roundup of the Insiders we saw over the past couple of weeks.

*Meg Maples posted on 22nd April about the new Skorne Mammoth model.

*Will Shick posted about some of the Convergence's infantry on 24th April.

*26th April saw that month's last supplement of Full Metal Fridays that included an Alchemical based encounter.

*29th April Will Hungerford announced the second season of the Machinations league.

*In the first Insider of May on 1st May David Carl posted about the Convergence's Battle Engine.

*Matt Wilson took the Insider helm on May 2nd to talk about a new release from Skull Island eXpeditions in the form of a book that covers the background and history of the Warcaster Alister Caine.

*Whilst the first Full Metal Friday supplement of May on 3rd May set the new month's theme with gearing up for expeditions into the wilderness of Western Immeron.