Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Mis-Adventures In The Iron Kingdoms, Part II 8/5/2013

OK, the rest of the campaign or how its likely to pan out.

By now the party has some idea of what's going on and has received a number of offers regarding the Black Pearl.

They have seemingly chosen the Cult of Cyriss' offer as the 'safest' bet, they were given a tour of the Cult's temple in Corvis and seen the contraptions that the Cult were building in order to use the Pearls with. Their guide explained that the Cult had wards and devices that could contain the energies of the least in theory.

Now the party has also found out the truth behind Lady Ellsworth and some of her plans, namely using the Pearl's energy to allow to return to her own plane. Whoever is occupying Lady Ellsworth's body hails from another world and dimension (chiefly D&D's Forgotten Realms setting). Their plan for returning home involves basically opening a doorway, something that they plan to do using that Orgoth temple in the Thornwood Forest that played a big role in the Warmachine mega-plot.

At this point the player surprised me and suggested accepting the Cult's offer and then working with the Cult in order to help the entity occupying Lady Ellsworth to return home. So that looks like their course of action.

This would at least deal with one of the remaining Pearls, but they still have the other one that they gave to the Druids to worry about. I'm not certain whether they'll do something about that or not, but regardless we're in the campaign's final segment which'll see this 3-4 year old campaign finally draw to a close.

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