Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Newes From The Front 16/10/2012

Played a demo game of Warmachine on Saturday, typically battlebox game of Cygnar vs Khador.

I opted to play Khador whilst my opponent, a newcomer to Warmachine, went with Cygnar. I went first to take him through step-by-step how to the play the game, within a couple of turns he had a grasp of the game.

Incidents of note were;

*Freezing my own warjack; Tried casting Freezing Grip on a Lancer engaged with my Destroyer so I could move it without Free Strikes to fire its Bombard, needless to say it didn't go quite as plan.

*Charged Stryker with Sorcha and missed with TWO boosted attack rolls!

My opponent had managed to take out my Juggernaut and then dogpiled Sorcha to win the game, he certainly enjoyed it and will be looking to get a Cygnar battlebox.

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