Thursday, 25 October 2012

(Belated) Workbench 25/10/2012

Didn't get much of a chance to post anything yesterday so heres a belated post today.

This is really just to take stock of my current projects.

*Terrain; Still have plenty of work to do on the house I have been building, been pushed to one side after everything thats happened past week (illness, etc).

*Miniatures; Just got Croe's Cutthroats to put together, multi-part metal models and that I've been picking 'em packed in my army case for games means I haven't done much aside from gluing to bases.

*Painting; The real big one, some models are painted whilst others are simply undercoated. Most of the army is actually unpainted, so goals are to get everything udnercoated and then the battlegroup fully painted.

Plenty to keep me busy aside from the household chores.

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