Monday, 15 October 2012

Mis-Adventures In The Iron Kingdoms 15/10/2012

Finally got a new session of IKRPG done last Friday with my regular group.

There was the usual hijinks but managed to get a few things done;

*The group's Paladin had a message from the Morrowan officials in Caspia basically saying that they can't act against Lady Ellsworth unless proof of evil misdeeds are found.

*An assassination attempt on Lady Ellsworth by a group that had been causing group was brutally dealt with by the group in short order, IKRPG combat may be lethal but it is especially so for NPCs.

*The group has linked up with a caravan bound for Occupied Llael and meet a couple of Resistance members that they'll be working with.

*One of the PC's child is proving to be a thieving little blighter and will be joining the group as a Thief/Spy, though he has also made a deal with the Rusalka.

Next game should hopefully be this Friday coming.

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