Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Of Kings, Nations and Gods 6/11/2013

Well I picked up the new Kings, Nations and Gods book for the Iron Kingdoms RPG and ye gods is it a hefty book!

I've only skimmed through and paid attention to parts that had interested me, though I hazard a guess that there is alot more background stuff in this book than the old World Guide. There is extra stuff in the form of new careers, equipment and warjacks focused on each of the Iron Kingdoms.

More than filling out the history and the scope of the land, it also helps brings Western Immeron to life. Maps and info have been updated to reflect events in the Warmachine game, plus there is a ton more artwork. A few of the cities now have art, Caspia (and her twin Menite city of Sul) looks impressive and he get a view of what a city in the Protectorate looks like.

But as I said above I've only skimmed through it, there is alot to read and I suspect theres little nuggets hidden in the text. For example various concerns have established outposts on the continent of Zu, something that may be the cause of a proxy war later down the line and plot for a campaign.

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