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Thresh Street Runners - Session 2

Session report for Monday 3rd March.

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Session Two, Omens Part 2

Had our second session, Tori was ill but our fourth player was able to make it this week and so those present were;

Joshua H. Headlam (played by Nick)
Lucian Gilmore (Adam)
Chud Hathbone (Tay)

Session started off where we left off last time, chiefly following the blood trial of Evelyn's killer through the alleys of Rudshore until it literally ran dry. They returned back to the office where the Overseers had left and the Runners' surgeon was doing a post-mortem on the late Evelyn Grimes, another clue was found in the form of skin under Evelyn's fingernails that showed that she clawed at her killer as her life was squeezed out of her. Coupled with the injury the killer sustained from cutting themselves upon the glass they broke in order to gain entry the players had some clues to help identify the suspect.

Though with nothing else to go on they headed to the Hound Pits Pub in order to find Jonas, whom they found enjoying a meal and tankard of ale. Few questions later the players learnt that there was a contract on the next High Overseer that offered 25,000 coins, there was a rough-ish looking man who'd offered the contract and that nobody had really taken the contract once they learnt it concerned the Abbey. Jonas also told them he'd seen the man in question earlier, chiefly that the man had a rag tied round his arm and had a scarf pulled up over his face. The man also frequented the Hound Pits for the hound fight and would probably be there later that day for that night's fight.

So the players left the Hound Pits and went in search of a second hand clothes shop, a few thugs tried to provoke a fight but were ignored by the players (as strange as that sounds!). But they found a shop and Lucian brought some ragged clothes to wear before returning to the Hound Pits. Joshua and Chud headed to the Rudshore Waterfront and hired a boat to drop them close to a ruined tower close to the Hound Pits Pub where they holed themselves up. Lucian spent some time in the pub before spotting Jonas speaking to a rather shady man wearing a hooded cloak and a rag round their arm, Jonas in turn spotted Lucian and after the shady man had left told Lucian that the man was who they were after (Lucian had also overhead the two talking about scratches on the man's face). Jonas also told Lucian that he would stick close to the shady man during the hound fight to help identify him to the others. Lucian agreed to this and went to tell the others of the plan, Chud remained at the tower whilst Joshua relocated to a balcony on the warehouse that harboured the hound fight and Lucian went into the warehouse.

The hound fight got underway and Jonas told Lucian that he'll help by 'accidentally' ripping the rag from off the shady man's arm, which he proceeded to do as the crowd cheered during the fight. The shady man got angry and after a few heated words with Jonas left at a brisk pace, the players opted to follow after the man. They followed the man through the streets until they arrived at a small tenant building which the man entered and went to a flat on the second floor, the players checked all the possible exits to make sure they had them all covered and went up to the second floor. Joshua knocked on the man's door and pulled out his flintlock pistol as the door was answered, did an Intimidation roll and Aced it like four times. Chud also got in on the act with his own Intimidation roll and effectively reduced the man to a quivering wreck before slapping him in irons as the other two combed the flat for clues and found a note about the contract on the next High Overseer.

After returning to the office, they handed over their evidence and asked the man a few questions. Turns out he'd been picked up by a couple of thugs and blindfolded a few times, then taken to some unknown location where he was given the contract to hand out and also told to kill the Oracle. Since he was blindfolded the whole time he didn't know who the people were aside from the place smelling 'better than average', he also let slip that they'd threatened to harm his sister and reveal info about crimes he'd committed that would earn him a lengthy stay in Coldridge Prison. But there was little else he could offer and so he was thrown into the cells before the players reported their findings to Magistrate Cathmore. The Magistrate congratulated the Runners for bringing in the man, saying that at least he could be tried for the Oracle's murder but the seemingly later conspiracy would have to remain an open case until they had further leads to go on. Before rewarding the players with 10 coins each the Magistrate also told them that Ronan Hurlough had stepped down from the running to be the next High Overseer and thus let the now uncontested Thaddeus Campbell be sworn in as the new head of the Abbey of the Everyman.

Thus the first case 'Omens' was completed.

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