Friday, 30 November 2012

Immeron Newes 30/11/2012

Well quite a bit to catch up on, lets get started.

No Quarter 45 is out, includes more stuff for the IKRPG, new Hordes previews (include a new minion Warlock) and a Historical scenario.

There is also a new IKRPG book due out next month, namely No Quarter Presents Iron Kingdoms Urban Adventures. Its focused heavily on the cities of Western Immeron, includes new gear and careers plus an adventure. I'm making sure that I pick it up when it comes out.

Privateer Insiders

About a month worth of these to catch up on.

-11/5/2012; David Carl talks about his Menoth army in the PP staff tournament.

-9/11/2012; Meg Maples discusses how she stays focused whilst painting.

-13/11/2012; A discussion and tips from Tony Konichek on absent-minded mistakes and how he tries to avoid making them.

-14/11/2012; A piece on running camapigns using Level 7 [ESCAPE] from Will Schoonover.

-16/11/2012; William French gives some insight into experiences learnt playing a recent PP staff Steamroller.

-20/11/2012; Aeryn Rudel offers a preview on the No Quarter IKRPG books thats due out soon.

-21/11/2012; A shoutout from Lyle Lowery on the 25 point army bundles being released for Christmas.

-26/11/2012; Another post from Lyle Lowery, this time on a new Trollblood army he's started.

-28/11/2012; Simon Berman offers a sneak peak at the new adventure that will be appearing in No Quarter Presents: Iron Kingdoms Urban Adventures next month.

And that brings us back up to date!

Turn in Monday for Mis-Adventures in the Iron Kingdoms.

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