Monday, 3 December 2012

Mis-Adventures In The Iron Kingdoms 3/12/2012

Having successfully completed their first mission for the Resistance the party has set off on their second one, this time a Khadoran administration office in Riversmet.

They've sought refuge for the night in an old coaching inn, one that they've been told has been abandoned for years and is occasionally used by the Resistance.From the moment they step foot into the old building they figured something was up, a few spooky incidents but nothing solid to go on. So they've set up a few Warding Circles for protection and settled down for the night, half the party camped out in a single room upstairs whilst the other half remained in the old bar room keeping watch. Outside there is also a storm that isn't helping matters.

So whats up with the old coaching inn?

Good question.

A Veteran level Specter (No Quarter 45) calls the old coaching inn home, rather its the old innkeeper who hasn't quite moved onto Urcaen just yet.

In short, the party is in store for a very interesting night.

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