Monday, 17 December 2012

Mis-Adventures In The Iron Kingdoms 17/12/2012

Last Friday's game saw the players face off against the Specture that was haunting the old coaching inn they were staying in.

Even with the fiend being a Veteran level monster it certainly that much of a tough fight, the Specture failed to achieve much aside from spooking the players and processing a  couple of them. It did its most heaviest hit when it processed Kogal the Ogrun and landed such a hefty blow on the wannabe Druid Iona that two whole branches of her life spiral was taken out, luckily she still had feat points and used Heroic Dodge to negate some of the damage.

In the end the group's gunslinging Priest/Knight managed to roll stupidly well on damage with a spell and completely totalled the fiendish spirit. After that the rest of the night past eventually and the party moved onto just short of Riversmet, where a couple went into town for a recce which'll form the next game session which is Tuesday.


In other news I managed to pick up the khador battlegroup from my LGS and I'll be getting the IK Urban Adventures book tomorrow!

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