Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Mis-Adventures In The Iron Kingdoms 26/6/2013

City of Rats is progressing slowly, the party has met with one of Dunwall's nobles called Lord Gilmore who has hired them to find the cause of the Rat Plague.

The first part of the party's investigation will take them to the slums of Cheapsake, a district of Dunwall I created especially for the RPG. So I've come up with a bunch of notes to flesh it out a bit.


Bellow Teame's Districts of Dunwall (580 AR);

"Cheapsake... was like an honeycomb, perforated by a number of courts and blind alleys, cul de sac, without any outlet other than the entrance. Here were the lowest lodging houses in Dunwall, inhabited by the various classes of thieves common to large cities… were banded together… Because all are taken in who can pay their footing, the thief and the prostitute are harboured among those whose only crime is poverty, and there is thus always a comparatively secure retreat for him who has outraged his country's laws. Sums here are paid, a tithe of which, if well laid out, would provide at once a decent and an ample lodging for the deserving poor; and that surplus,which might add to the comfort and better the condition of the industrious, finds its way into the pocket of the middleman...." 

Dunwall History 101

Cheapsake started out as a quarry during the construction of the Cathedral, its first inhabitants were the quarry workers who built up a small community. Once the Cathedral was completed the workers moved on and the dregs of society flocked to Cheapsake to take advantage of the then empty lodgings, though being in the Cathedral's shadow and a high water table made Cheapsake a rather poor piece of real estate and so it developed into a slum.

Tombland was chosen as the site of Dunwall's cemetery for those with coin in their pockets, though it is divided into two parts. The first part of Tombland is the visiable part of it, an open air graveyard surrounded by a few buildings that housed businesses dedicated to funerals and a pub. The other part is actually the catacombs that are located beneath the Cathmore Heights and were those with status are typically interned, there is an entrance to the catacombs through the Cathedral but that is used by priests for their own section of the catacombs.

Tombland and the Cathedral are directly linked via a raised, partially covered roadway that uses a Caspian name that either stands for the 'Ascendant's Walk' or 'the Walk of the Ascendants' depending on who you speak to. This roadway is partially covered in a tunnel like manner by various buildings and is lined by statues of the Ascendants, though it is only really used for funeral processions. It crosses the sole road into Cheapsake via a bridge which forms part of the city gate for the district of Cheapsake, though there is a large wall/building that is part of this gate and blocks the view into the slums beyond.

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