Thursday, 6 September 2012

Armchair Briefing 6/9/2012

The Nomad is this week's 'jack under review.


The Nomad is an old Cygnaran warjack designed with one purpose in mind; cutting open heavy armour like a tin can. Its massive battle blade brought a world of hurt to anything unlucky enough to get in its way, serving Cygnar in this role for over a century.

It was one of the first few designs that was produced in bulk, something that allowed the liberal allocation of this 'jack widely throughout the Cygnaran Army. But with the coming of more mechanikally advanced designs the Nomad was decommissioned from Cygnaran service in 563 AR and found its way quickly onto the mercenary market. Though its design now predates anyone living today, the Nomad has become a mainstray for many sell-swords for its reliability and ease of maintenance.


See weapons.


*Open Fist; Nothing special, an open fist that allows one-handed throws and a buckler that adds +1 to the ARM value.

*Battle Blade; Big Bloody Sword with Reach, it'll hurt whatever it manages to hit.


The Nomad is the Merc's generic 'jack and a fairly cheap one at only 6 pts, its main job is to charge big targets and whack 'em for six. Load up with 3 Focus, charge and let loose. Most 'jacks will take a battering from its sword.

I usually upkeep Magnus' Iron Aggression spell on this 'jack, being able to charge and boost attack rolls for free that Focus you put on its can be used to buy extra attacks and boost damage.

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