Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Newes From The Front 18/9/2012

Finally got a game in last night, this game against a Mage Hunter heavy Retribrution force.

Since the Elves ignored cover it menat staying at range and shooting them wasn't such a good idea, so I used the normal list for this one. Surprised my opponent a bit by running my warjacks and then popping Magnus' feat Hit and Run to move a total of 20 inches across the board on turn one, it meant I got into melee much quicker and limited the amount of shots against my army.

Then I discovered another sneaky Elven trick, 4 inch melee attacks!

Oh and other stuff like ignoring magic buffs, Free Strikes and even Focus stealing. It quickly became one of those games that was going to end on turn two no matter what happened, ultimately I ended up losing thanks to my opponent doing well on damage rolls. My tactic was proven to be valid since we rolled to see what happened if I survived a little bit longer, average rolls with the One-Shot Wonders on the Renegades would've killed his warcaster...if only I'd gone first.

Still, we both had fun and my opponent said it was the msot enjoyable game he's had in a while.

~ ~ ~

As a side note, home computer went kaput last night so posts will be irregular this week.

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