Tuesday, 4 September 2012

IK Homebrew 4/9/2012

Fortunately haven't been able to get a game of Warmachine in, so instead I've decided to focus on some homebrew material for the IKRPG.

The Rusalka I've posted previously, so now is the Shadow Element for the Sorcerer career I've mentioned.

Starting Abilities, Connections, Spells, and Skills:
Shadow: Occultation, Ghost Walk, Venom
Shadow sorcerers begin with +1 AGL and +1 to their racial maximum AGL at each level.

Cost 1 - Influence, Protection from Corrosion, Jump Start
Cost 2 - Ghost Walk, Occultation, Marked for Death, Venom, Malediction, Mirage
Cost 3 - ***Hellfire, Curse of Shadows, Hex Blast, Gallows, Shadowmancer
Cost 4 - Scourge, Hellmouth, Dark Guidance

*change all references to "models in battlegroup" to "steamjacks this character controls"
**change all references to "model" or "unit" to "character"
***change the effect of Hellmouth to "The spellcaster immediately makes a contested Willpower roll with the target. If the spellcaster beats the enemy's Willpower roll, the the target suffers Anxiety".

Alot of thanks to relasine on the PP forums for pretty much taking my notes and making something that fitted the theme I was aiming for, hopefully I'll get to playtest it soon.

I plan to do Tharn Bloodtrackers next to round out the Tharn stats we already have.

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