Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Mis-Adventures In The Iron Kingdoms 19/9/2012

Viva La Llaelese Resistance!

The chapter in the campaign will see the group head off to Occupied Llael for a stint with the Resistance in order to gain the last Black Pearl that is in the procession of the Llaekese Minister of Internal Security.

So I've been thinking of NPCs that the party will encounter, ones that'll be genned up once I get hold of the new IKRPG book (payday is the day AFTER it releases). I have a few in mind that'll probably aid the party.

Kogul Ironhead

An Ogrun mercenary working for the Resistance, haven't decided upon careers yet but he'll be carrying around a Slug Gun as a personal weapon.


Gobber Commando, most likely be Thief and Ranger or Spy. But certainly tooled up.

Decklan Ellsworth

Lady Ellsworth's missing brother,though have yet to decide upon careers.

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