Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Workbench: Rusalka

So I happened to find my old digital camera, though surprised that I managed to get the damn thing to work!

Its 10 years old and should've given up the ghost a long time ago, in fact it did at one point...

Nevertheless I am able to present to you the Queen of the Bog herself.


  1. Cool mini. Thanks for posting this up

    Was this taken at night?

    Try taking it during the day with a piece of A4 behind the mini to deflect the light.

    Also if you use Picasa webalbums (I think this is the default for Blogger) Theres a creative kit that lets you mess with the settings there is an autofix and I use it for my pics as mine are crap it touches them up nicely.

    1. I have tried to improve this picture but with little luck, ideally I need to get a new camera.

      Fortunately a friend has offered to let me use theirs.

  2. Cool look forward to your next lot of pictures. Light helps a great deal my first pics where awful but thanks to blogs and peoples help they are much better now :D