Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Mis-Adventures In The Iron Kingdoms 26/9/2012

Had to cancel this week's game because half the group weren't able to make it, so hopefully the next one will be in two weeks time.

In the mean time I've volunteered to run an IK game for the local university's games society during their 'Newbies Week'. Already have an adventure in mind; An artefact gets stolen and ends up in the Corvis Undercity, being a no-go area for the City Watch the party are hired to go and retrieve it instead.

This will probably just be a one-off, though if theres interest from the players then I may make a full campaign out of it. Though it'll be limited to 6 players and I may restrict a few of the classes like Iron Fang Pikemen, etc.

I'll post up a report of how the game went, but it isn't going to be until Friday next week when I run the game.

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