Monday, 3 September 2012

Workbench 3/9/2012

Bit of a productive weekend, managed to get a bit of painting done.

The model that I had converted is now undercoated, though I have yet to settle upon a paint scheme for it and so still kicking about ideas.

Did manage to get a second model effectively fully painted and based, will probably apply some varnish to it to protect the paint. Its the Cryx Deathwalker model, I'm planning on using it as the Rusalka in my Iron Kingdoms campaign. Though lacking access to a decent camera at present, though I will try and get a picture up later this week. Quite proud of how its turned out, especially since my first attempt as a proper base turned out pretty well.

Found an easy and quick way to do swamp bases.

*Used blue-tac to fill in gaps in the slot and to break up the base's surface a bit.

*Mixed up some green paint, a dark manky colour, and slapped that on.

*Poured superglue on to give a water effect, works best with the non-GW style bases with the indent like the ones Warmachine use.

*Tore of a tiny amount of the green scourer pad from a kitchen sponge and stuck that on in clumps as the superglue dried.

*Painted the clumps with different shades of green.

*Finally used a watered-down brown ink wash on the base once the superglue had dried.

The result is like the green muck of a swamp, which came out fairly well.

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