Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Mis-Adventures In The Iron Kingdoms: First IKRPG Game 12/9/2012

Finally got round to trying out the new IKRPG, all in all there was a positive response from the group.

Did a small skirmish to ease them in, it took no more than 10-15 minutes to do whilst a similar one in D&D probably would've taken up to an hour to do. The Life Spiral certainly proved how much more lethal the system was and how more dynamic the health system is, something that went down well. It was quickly learnt that in this system even a single hit can end up hurt quite a bit as opposed to hacking away at 100+ health in like D&D.

The group was more than happy to use miniatures and play it bit like a wargame, it certainly helped combat flow that much more quicker. They're able to do so much more in combat and they've only really just scrapped the surface, once they've seen how much they can do in combat I think they'll really playing this system. Least I'll have the book in a week's time so I can get the players up a level closer to their D&D characters and explain various stuff before the next session.

Plot wise we've advanced things a bit, the party has made contact with agents of the Highborn Covenant based in Corvis. Next game they head into Occupied Llael and join up with the Resistance to launch a raid on the estate of a certain di Viadro, Minister of Internal Security.

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