Thursday, 16 August 2012

Armchair Briefing 16/8/2012

This week we're covering Magnus' signature warjack the Renegade.


The Renegade is the result of Magnus' Meckanikal skills, being designed and assembled whilst the warcaster was on the run during the first few years of his exile. The main body is based on decommissioned Cygnaran 'jacks whilst various parts were salvaged from junkyards across Western Immeron. After seizing an estate in Ternon Crag Magnus gained access to a workshop and was enable to make improvements upon the basic design, presently his Renegades all utilize parts claimed from wrecks abandoned after the countless battles from which he emerged the victor.


*Arc Node; Only Merc 'jack that has access to one.

*Custom Warjack [Magnus]; Only Magnus (in either form) is allowed to use this 'jack.


*Obliterator; One-shot weapon with Arcing Fire and Knockdown makes this 'jack good in the indirect fire support role until it fires this weapon.

*Shredder; Critical Shred is nice for the extra damage but getting a double 6 is rare, Sustained Attack is extremely nice long as you loaded up the 'jack with Focus and hit first time.


The Renegade is one of the 'jacks that tries to do everything but masters nothing, its most powerful weapon the Obliterator can only be used once per game and more often than not (in my experience) needs boosting on the attack roll to even remotely hit a target. The Arc Node is of use most games and I have found myself using it a few times to hit targets just outside of Magnus' normal spell range, but it is a bit slow for a light 'jack. I've only really used the Shredder on rare occasions, you really need to dump all the focus you can onto this little bugger to get the most out of it.

Common census says you typically run a single Renegade with Magnus, though his Tier list requires two (but makes them cheaper) and so thats what I've usually put on the board. Taking a couple certainly gives you a bit more flexibility and some more options, not to mention being able to use the Obliterator twice and a couple of Arc Nodes.

All in all a solid light 'jack that provides Magnus with a range of tools to help get the job done.

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