Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Newes From The Front 20/8/2012

Got a game in Monday night against a Khador player who ran a Butcher Tier list.

Man-O-War Demo Corps x3
Man-O-War Demo Corps x3
Manhunter x2
Widowmaker Kaptain

I'd used my Magnus Tier list with the Mule instead of the Mangler so I had the ranged advantage and we rolled up a scenario; Throw Down

Nice and simple, take and keep control of two 10" diameter circles along the centerline of the board.

During the early turns my advantage paid off and I managed to inflict a few casualties amongst the Soviet Red Army...Khadorans including one of the Man-O-War units to allow me to at least contest one of the control points with the Halberdiers and the Wardog. The Riflemen didn't do as well as their melee counterparts and only claimed a single Man-O-War from the second unit, though they only lost a couple themselves and managed to pull back to reform as a gunline. Saxon was felled with a single bullet from the Widowmaker, though didn't inflict only damage himself and only helped out the Halberdiers by giving them Pathfinder for a couple of turns.

In the center the Mule fired off a few potshots at the Butcher and took him down to about half health, but the combined actions of the Kodiak and the Angriest Man On Caen eventually turned the Mule into a smoking wreck. The Nomad proceed to smash ten bells out of the Maruader, lost its sword arm in return and was eventually finished off my a Manhunter. Renegade No.1 was also lost to a Manhunter but took one of them with it, its twin tangoed with the Maruader to keep it occupied until I withdrew it when Magnus' feat was popped.

Last turn of the game I still had Magnus on full health, one of the Renegades and the surviving Riflemen forming into a protective block. The surviving Halberdiers still stubbornly hung on and contested one of the control points....well at least until the Butcher introduced Lola to them.

Thus Khador won on scenario.


In retrospect I'm thinking maybe I should've focused my entire force on taking control of one of the control points and using my ranged units to whittle down the Khadorans, probably focusing on one target at a time and using Arcantik Bolt. Had I used the Mangler instead of the Mule I suspect I would have been in for a tougher fight, the Mule's AOE was certainly useful throughout the game until the 'jack got destroyed. I also should have boosted blast damage rather than the initial hit on certain targets, least I would've taken out certain models that proved to be a bane for me later on.

All-in-all, an enjoyable game.


  1. Nice AAR. Have you thought about adding some pics of these battles?

    1. Yes, that thought has crossed my mind but at present I don't have access to a decent camera. Even on my mobile phone it would just be a blurred mess, so tis something for the future when I am able to get a good camera.