Friday, 10 August 2012

Immeron Newes 10/8/2012

The big news this past week from PP has been the release of War Room.

This app for smart phones and the iPad, from what I've noticed, has suffered a few problems ranging from a delayed launch and bugs post-release. That said I understand that the bugs are being sorted out, however I'm sure alot of people are annoyed that these problems weren't sorted out sooner given the delay of its release.

I don't own a smart phone or iPad so its unlikely that I'll be getting War Room any time soon, so I can't really give a review of it. Course there are plenty of threads on the PP forums on War Room.


Well didn't have any questions sent in, but I'll keeping doing this for the next few weeks.

I'm after questions regarding Warmachine/Hordes/Iron Kingdoms, mainly general questions on stuff like the setting or certain units.

If you think of anything then please email me at; stormwell55-at-hotmail-dot-com

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