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Mis-Adventures In The Iron Kingdoms 15/8/2012

Well I promised last week that I'd post up my plans for my current IK campaign and details on the characters, I plan to deliver on that promise but the characters will be posted up later today. So now its just the campaign that I'll be focusing on in this entry.

Campaign As It Stands

At present there are two plot lines that are taking place;

*The Black Pearls which the party are sort of tracking down for the Circle Orboros, though the party hasn't really delved too much into the history of the Pearls.

*Lady Ellsworth, the party's patron, isn't quite who she claims to be. The use of 'black magic' and ownership of Thamarite books certainly raised some questions, it is believed that she may even be aiming for godhood. As a sideplot to this there is a missing brother who was last spotted in Llael at the time of the Khadoran invasion.

So, Where To From Here?

Its sunk into the players that the Black Pearls are very bad news and must be dealt with, though thankfully there are only two such Pearls left to find. The first is located in a riverboat boat that has been missing for a number of years, though the wreck is located in the swamps near Corvis but the party have to contend with Gatormen tribes and the restless spirits of the doomed boat's passengers and crew. Course to find the damn boat they first have to track down the drunkard swampie that 'claimed' to have found the wreck, something that won't be an easy task. As for the boat itself and what happened to it I'm thinking of 'borrowing' (read: steal) the plot from the film Ghost Ship and have it that an Infernalist managed to get everyone on board to kill each other over some fake gold whilst the boat ended up drifting down a creek.

The second Pearl is a tad easier, it was brought by a Llaelese nobleman and so they have to track him down and discover his fate. Thinking of making the nobleman one of Archduke Glabryn's cronies, perhaps even the new Llaelese Minister of Internal Security so at the party could gain the help of the Llaelese Resistance. Course whilst in Llael the party could also try and track down Lady Ellsworth's missing brother if they wished to do so, but the Llaelese trip will largely be dictated by the party's own actions and decisions.....though I'll have Winterguard stated up just in case.

Now regarding Lady Ellsworth I had planned from the very start that she isn't quite who she claims to be, though the thing is she IS Lady Ellsworth though technically only in body. Confused? Good. I deliberately put in false clues and red herrings to throw off the party, which thus far have worked quite well. At present the party is under the impression that somebody killed the 'real' Lady Ellsworth and replaced her, theres a few little clues that support this theory but nothing really solid. What is really up with Lady Ellsworth is probably closer to a procession, basically a character of mine from a previous D&D game ended up on Caen and in the body of the then younger Lady Ellsworth. Over time the....entity (we'll go with that for now) gradually became powerful enough to fully take control and has been working on ways to free themselves, hence the books on Thamar's ascension.

Eventually the party will find out the truth about Lady Ellsworth and must decide whether to help the entity with its plans or not, though the Pearls will come into play again since they are powerful artefacts that the entity can make use of.

If It All Goes Pear Shaped?

It probably will.

Llael is where I see the party royally screwing things up, given the party itself I'd be surprised if nothing goes wrong. When the time comes and things do go badly wrong a roll of the dice will decide whether they end up in a Khadoran prison or get whisked to safety by the Llaelese Resistance, but really we'll have to see what happens.

~ ~ ~

Later today I should have details of the party itself up.

Oh and send questions, etc in for Friday's Mailbox to; stormwell55-at-hotmail-dot-com

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