Thursday, 23 August 2012

Armchair Briefing 23/8/2013

Up this week is the Mangler heavy warjack.


Another one of the warjacks designed and built by Asbeth Magnus, the Mangler quickly became a favoured heavy warjack chassis amongst various mercenary companies. It was built from a collection of stolen labourjacks and outdated warjacks, its massive spiked ball it attached to a chain often nabbed from ship anchors or drawbridges.


See weapons.


*Punching Spike; Melee with a respectful P+S of 15, plus Open Fist to allow one-handed throws.

*Wrecker; Reach, ignores Shields and a special attack that allows a single attack against every single enemy model in LOS and melee range makes for a weapon thats a world of hurt for infantry.


Typically I use the Mangler to clear out pesky infantry units, though I make it a habit to put Temper Metal on this 'jack to boost its ARM up to 21 so that it can survive hits against it with very single damage. Its a melee 'jack so get it stuck into combat soon as possible and try to position to hit one or two infantry units at the same time, Reach helps alot here, and then use Tresher on the chain ball. Alternative might be to put Iron Aggression on him instead to allow him to boost attack rolls for free and to give that extra chance to hit models with above average DEF.

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