Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Mis-Adventures In The Iron Kingdoms 28/8/2012

It seems initially there'll be a limited selection of monsters to fight in the new IKRPG, though it was been said that more will be released through the magazine No Quarter and in future books.

However there are no stats at present for the Rusalka and so I've taken it upon myself to create some.



SPD 7 - STR 5 - MAT 5 - RAT 4 - DEF 15 - ARM 12
Willpower 9 - Initiative 15 - Detect 6 - Sneak 7

Rusalka Blade - POW 3, P+S 8
- Magical Weapon
- Poison (Extra die on damage rolls vs living models)

Amphibious - This character treats water as open terrain and gains concealment while within water.
Camouflage - This character gains an additional +2 DEF when benefiting from concealment or cover.
Feat Points - This character starts each encounter with 1 feat point. It is allocated 1 feat point at the start of each of its turns. It can only have up to 1 feat point at a time.
Prowl - This character is virtually invisible while in the shadows or in terrain that grants a degree of concealment. He gains Stealth while within terrain that provides concealment, the AOE of a spell that provides concealment, or the AOE of a cloud effect.
Unearthly Laughter - This character can spend 1 feat point during his turn to use this ability. When this ability is used all enemy models within 5" of this character must pass a Willpower check or be made Stationary for one round.

Arcane 3
Will Weaver

Base Size -Small
Encounter Points - 5

Fog of War
Inhospitable Ground

Life Spiral
Physique - 5
Agility - 4
Intellect - 4

This looks about right to me, basically a sneaky 'lil blighter with a few tricks up its sleeve. More of a trickster than a combat monster but can be quite lethal if she manages to sneak into the party's campsite at night or lures away a PC by themselves. Slippery bugger to land a hit on but is fairly fragile, though she can use Unearthly Laughter and/or Mirage to try and escape if cornered.

Though feel free to use and playtest.


Similarly I'm having to create some career options for the campaign I'm running, this included another magic path for the Sorcerer that is still very much work in progress and can be found here;


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