Saturday, 4 August 2012

Workbench: Mule Heavy Warjack

Been playing a Magnus the Traitor Tier list and I've repeatedly found my biggest weakness to be the lack of ranged options. Aside from a squad of Steelhead Riflemen and a couple of Arc Nodes I find myself lacking in options to engage at range.

To that end I brought myself a Mule Heavy Warjack.

Being the same points as Mangler it was a straight forward swap, no changes were needed to the list I'm currently running. The plan with this fella is to put Snipe on him and take out units that aren't immune to blast damage, hopefully it'll negate the biggest weakness that my army has.

Picked up the plastic kit, though I preferred getting the old metal version simply because I feel it looks better. It was the first PP plastic model I've put together and overall I'm quite impressed by it. Found it much easier to glue together than a metal model, it required on average the same amount of clean up of flash as the metal models and the only real negative (if I can call it that) comments I can level at it is that it lacks weight and it's smaller than the metal Nomad.

Heres hoping the Steelhead Halbardiers get redone in plastic soon!

The Mule; Assembled and waiting for a paintjob.

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