Friday, 17 August 2012

Immeron Newes 17/8/2012

Well the big news this week from PP is that they are of course at Gencon Indy this weekend.

This year they're in attendance with the pre-releases of the new IKRPG and a few con exclusive models including the Ashlynn resculpt, Druid Gone Wilder and Bombardier Bombshell of which the latter two are currently available through PP's webstore. I'm actually half-tempted to grab the Druid myself despite not being a Hordes player, its a pretty decent models and fairly inexpensive as models go. Though I'll most certainly be picking up the Ashlynn resculpt when it goes on sale through the webstore after Gencon.

Word on the boards concerning the IKRPG is that it sold out pretty quickly, many people have said it was gone within the first hour or so of Gencon opening. I had hazard a guess that it would be insanely popular in the run-up to Gencon but I didn't think it would be THAT popular.

This week's Insider was a short bit on LEVEL 7 [ESCAPE] and the tools the team developed to allow people to play characters based upon themselves.


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Thats almost all for this week folks, check back tomorrow for an extra post.

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