Monday, 6 August 2012


As promised previously a summary of my thoughts on the new Iron Kingdoms RPG from what we've seen from the previews both on PP's website and in No Quarter.


It was probably a given that PP would use the 2d6 dice mechanic from Warmachine/Hordes, it would certainly allow a fair few of the players that have picked up the wargame(s) in recent years to pick up the new RPG. The simple 'roll dice add skill and compared against target' should make it a fairly easily game for people to play, though the jury's out on the decision to use tap measures for measuring distances, etc and I'll have to see how it goes during playtests with my RP group.

As a side note, Dungeons and Dragons originally started out using tape measures having adapted the rules from a wargame called Chainmail.

The new Mechanika creation system looks a hell of alot easier to use than in the D20 version and they've used the magic system from the wargames, again this should make it simpler to run than the previous edition.

Feat points sound a little like action points from other games, least it seems like it'll make combat more interesting than the typical 'hack-n-slash' of D&D.


The lack of levels instantly scored points with me, I've never really been a fan of them preferring a more sandbox approach to character development. Careers that are similar in some respects to the Warhammer Fantasy Role Play is a nice touch to retain classes in a way but helps with the immersion into the setting. Though I was a bit disappointed with the lack of clear counterparts to classes from the D20 Iron Kingdoms such as the Bodger and  the Malefactor of Thamar, plus the lack of a 'cultist' career. There'll be other books with additional careers in them so I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Archetypes are certainly interesting, helping to create more diverse characters. However a sticking point is the requirement to take Gifted in order to play a spellcaster, whilst it does seem like a logical choice it may end up restricting certain characters. Again we'll have to see how it pans out during actual play.

Having only seen Humans and Trollkin race wise I don't have much to say here, the Trollkin does seem to fit in with their fluff and characteristics back in the D20 version. I do have to nitpick the Human one though, compared to the previous version they seem more generic and bland. I had hoped they kept the different Human sub-types that made them more interesting, or at least had something to make a Khard standout from a Morridane. But its entirely possible that they might still have that given there is still quite a bit we haven't seen yet.


I like most of what we've seen thus far even if theres a couple of things that nag me, that said there is still alot of things we haven't seen yet like skills, etc. Having done a big battle using a mockup of the new rules I can say combat will be hell of alot more fun, especially since I'm pretty much burnt out on D20 at present.

But throwing caution to the wind ultimately we'll find out how good the new IKRPG is when we finally sit down to play it.

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Planning on having a 'mailbox' segment on Fridays where I'll answer Warmachine/IK related questions. Feel free to message me here, on the PP boards or email; stormwell55-at-hotmail-dot-com

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