Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Mis-Adventures In The Iron Kingdoms 21/8/2012

Well finally had the group together for the first time in about a month.

It proved to be a Role Play heavy night, some shenanigans between a couple of the characters and some investigation.

Having previously found some Thamarite literature back in the library of Lady Ellsworth's townhouse in Caspia the party decided to check out the library of her estate in Corvis. This library proved to be more used and kept in a cleaner state, but searching the bookcases didn't turn up anything suspicious. Further searching revealed a trapdoor that led down to a small camber and a short passageway leading off it, the passageway in turn ended at a T-junction with doors on either side. The door on the left had one set of footprints going in and out of it whilst the room itself was a wizard's workshop/study, an old journal revealed it was used by Lady Ellsworth's father and that he hid spellcasters accused as 'witches' from Vinter's Inquisition and smuggled them to safety using his shipping company. There was a copy of the Morrowan bible that also contained Thamar's writing, of note was that somebody had read the sections on the Twins' ascendant. Checking the door on the right revealed little more than old barracks style room used to hide the aforementioned spellcasters but now used for storage by the servants.

Not finding much else the party went in search of a drunkard who claimed to have found the wreck of the River Mistress (a riverboat that had disappeared on route to Caspia carrying one of the Black Pearls) and discovered that the wreck was inland after the creek it had floated down filled in and that it was haunted. A quick visit to the Strangelight Workshop and the party gained ownership of a couple of special goggles that allowed them to see spirits. After hiring a boat they set off deep into the swamp south of Corvis, coming across a skeleton of a man who'd been shot and died after crawling away from the wreck they sought. Quick glance through the goggles showed that his spirit was a pulsating dark blue colour streaked with black, basically Chaotic Evil and marked by Infernals. Approaching the wreck they found more skeletons and other spirits that had also been marked by Infernals, plus signs that the crew had turned on the passengers and then each other.

The Black Pearl they sought they quickly found along with some dead crewmen who'd pried open a crate of gold bullion before they were killed. Checking the captain's cabin they found an old journal that a man had been pulled from the river floating on a wooden crate. There was unrest amongst the crew and rumours of gold soon after, expecting a mutiny the captain kept weapons on him at all times and planned to hand the crate over to the authorities at Fort Falk. His last entry detailed that a mutiny had took place, but it appeared he was killed shortly after writing the last entry. The party took some of the gold which turned out to be fake; the man pulled from the river had been an Infernalist who'd marked everyone onboard the boat and got shot as he was making good his escape.

Thus thats where the game ended.

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