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Mis-Adevntures In The Iron Kingdoms Extra 29/8/2012

Was expecting to have a battle report up today, however I wasn't bale to get a game in last night as I had hoped to do.

So instead I'm posting extra IKRPG stuff, namely a bit on character creation as I attempt to stat up Lady Ellsworth who is the main NPC in my current campaign. I'll try to do this step-by-step as was presented in the Character Creation Preview that PP posted up on their website.

1. Choose your character's race

Nice and simple, Lady Ellsworth is Human and gives us these starting values.

AGL 3 (+1)

The Primary stats are Bolded and you may have noticed that Arcane (ARC) doesn't have a value, this is because its a stat only normally used by spellcasters and so is left blank unless you take the Archetype Gifted. Now being Human we can increase teh starting value of one of our Primary stats by +1, we'll do this for AGL to start off with a better DEF (the +1 is included above in brackets).

2. Choose Archetype

Already decided that one of Lady Ellsworth's careers will be a magic one, so we need to take Gifted in order to do so and this will give us a Arcane starting value of 3 since the character will be a Will Weaver (its 2 for a Focuser which is normally a Warcaster). With each Archetype we can pick a benefit at character creation, though we can gain more later on. We'll go with Combat Caster, this will allow us to roll an additional die on magic attack rolls and then discard the lowest result.

3. Pick Careers

To begin with we pick two careers, but later on we'll be able to take other careers if we so wished. Since Lady Ellsworth is a noblewoman and a spellcaster we'll go with Aristocrat and Sorcerer, the details of which are below;

Aristocrat- (Human only)

Abilities: Good Breeding, Language (any), and Privilege
Connections: Connections (nobility)
Military Skills: Hand Weapon 1 and the choice of one other: Archery 1, Pistol 1, or Rifle 1
Occupational Skills: Command 1 and Etiquette 1
Special: A character who chooses Aristocrat as one of his two starting careers gains 50gc each month from his family holdings.
Starting Assets: 200 gc


Special: Choose the element the Sorcerer can manipulate: Fire, Ice, Stone, or Storm. Once chosen, the element does not change. Abilities are determined by element. Spells are determined by element.

Now I've created my own Element that I've dubbed Shadow, this is meant specifically for Lady Ellsworth and thus my own purposes. I'm happy for other people to use long as they bear in mind that it is still Work in Progress and still incomplete, though I'd be grateful for feedback to be posted in this thread;

Spells: Influence, Piercing Shadows and Telgesh Mark
Special: Feat: Strength of Will - After failing a fatigue roll, spend a feat point and automatically pass. (This is a benefit normally granted under Gifted, though other careers include Archetype benefits as career abilities)

(all elements are the same for the following)
Military Skills: Choose 1: Archery 1, Crossbow 1, or Hand Weapon 1
Occupational Skills: Detection 1 and Survival 1

4. Increase character's stats

At character creation you get 3 ability points to increase stats and customize your characters with, though each race has a 'Level Limit' on how high these stats can go. Levels in the IKRPG are actually more like tiers in the form of Hero, Veteran and Epic and the level limits are included in each race's stat profile. The ability points can be spent to increase a stat on a 1:1 ratio, basically one point increases a stat by one.

We'll increase our Arcane stat to 4 and our primary stats AGL and INT by one as well, the primary stats determine how much health you have on your character's Life Spiral. So now we're looking at something along the lines of this;


5. Finishing touches

Now you sort out your gear, money, background, etc.

And thats it, a relatively simple system of character creation compared to say D&D that should take long to create a character with.

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